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Duke Nukem Forever TRAILER + RELEASE DATE!

I wasn’t planning to make any posts about this game on this site, however, Duke Nukem 3D was by far my favorite FPS growing up. And now the epic story of fail in trying to release its sequel, Duke Nukem Forever, comes to an end. The release date is May 3rd USA and May 6th (my birthday!) for the rest of the world. GameInformer had the exclusive reveal, and they have some awesome music on their page to celebrate! Box art after the jump!

For the history buffs out there, May 6th was the date 3D Realms (the original creators of Duke Nukem Forever) shut down development of the game in 2009. They were then involved in a lawsuit with publisher TakeTwo for not finishing the game which was resolved by Gearbox (Borderlands/Brothers In Arms) buying the Duke Nukem IP to finish the game.

In even better news, there’s still a demo to be released before the retail release, so we’ll get to play it sooner than May 3rd!

For those of you who don’t know Duke.  Before the war based FPS clones (CoD/MoHAA/BF etc), BEFORE BULLETSTORM’s kicking people, before Tribes jetpacks, there was DUKE NUKEM 3D.  Plus freezing people before kicking them to bits of ice. Shrinking people before running over and stomping on them. Setting up hologram images of himself to fool opponents in multiplayer. Throwing pipebombs at people, setting laser tripmines, taking steroids to run super fast, using a jetpack to fly around, and literally ripping off alien’s heads and shitting down their neck.  So now, FINALLY, Duke is returning, and I can-not-wait.

And here’s the box art.. gotta say, not really a fan of it

(P.S. WHY do I have a feeling theyre screwin with everyone and are going to actually release it on April 1st?)






5 responses to “Duke Nukem Forever TRAILER + RELEASE DATE!”

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  2. Finally it has a release date.. What a relief.

    Btw interesting history. I never knew it was the 1st FPS to have jump.

  3. Rip

    Doh, apparently it’s NOT the first FPS to have jump. As far as I can tell it was actually Dark Forces in 1995, while Duke Nukem 3D came out in 1996, but hey, its the first FPS that I played that had jump!

  4. kornstar

    love that song (though everyone is using it these days…)! and yeah, also not a fan of the cover art. at first glance, i thought that manicured hand was duke’s!

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