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Tekken 6 NOT part of the 2011 MLG Season

Minutes ago, MLG released their first announcement regarding the 2011 Season. Rather than have multiple games, it looks like they will be focusing their efforts on three main games – Starcraft 2, Halo:Reach, and Call of Duty:Black Ops – Prizes have been increased and they will be giving out over a million dollars in prizes and stipends this year. Noticably absent from the previous season, Tekken 6, Super Smash Brothers, and World of Warcraft. There may be details released later regarding “Throwback” events that may include these games as sideshows throughout the season however they will not be included as part of the regular season.

They also mention that the first event will be April 1st-3rd in Dallas, Texas followed up by the second event in Columbus, Ohio June 3-5. Also, there will be 6 events this year compared to 5 last year. Check out the full details here



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4 responses to “Tekken 6 NOT part of the 2011 MLG Season”

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  2. Shirdel


    Still, at least I’m not missing out on much because I can’t watch the stream because I live in the UK, and MrGlobalHD only uploads the last few matches anyway.

    The only real thing I’ll mess is Rip’s Commentary 🙁

  3. kornstar

    so stupid of MLG! fighting games are coming back in a big way and now they’re no longer featuring them? idiots…

  4. Sarah

    That’s completely stupid. So much for diversity. It’s funny how last year the giveaway prizes for Tekken were bigger than Starcraft II. Who the hell still plays Halo? That game is trash.