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Global Warming Affects Tekken 5 DR Snow Castle Stage

Yesterday Famitsu released a bunch of new screenshots from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I’ve included the images plus Harada’s latest twitpics of the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arcade cabinet/screenshots here. Some big reveals including:

1. Our first screens of a wall break tag combo. In this sequence we see Kazuya hit Heihachi through a wall while his tag partner Jin is waiting downstairs to complete the tag combo.
2. Return of Tekken Tag 1 School stage
3. Return of Tekken 5 DR Snow Castle stage
4. Possible return of Tekken 6 Lightning Storm stage
5. Zafina’s default costume modification (she’s got white pants now)






One response to “Global Warming Affects Tekken 5 DR Snow Castle Stage”

  1. kornstar

    nice to finally see the wall / floor break system.