11th Mar2011

Final Round XIV – Tekken Stream

by Rip

EDIT: Congrats to FightingGM for winning Tekken 6, COMBOFIEND for winning Marvel vs Capcom 3, and DMG’s PR Rog for winning Super Street Fighter 4!

The Final Round XIV action continues today with Top 16 for all of the games. According to the schedule, the stream for Tekken 6 will be switched to teamsp00ky today, so we shouldn’t have the sound lag issues that we had yesterday. Incase they decide to switch things up on us though, I’ve put both streams here, so you can watch whichever you feel like.

Top 16 for Tekken 6
Winners side: x6.Anakin, Killa6, FightingGM, RyRy, DrumEFX, Trungy, Pokchop, and I think Clint
Losers side: x6.JustFrameJames, Kodee Vu, Real Law, ATL_R3dd, LingMassacre, Lil Majin, Bloodhawk, OFdp

Tentative Schedule (all times EST):
Justin.TV teamSp00ky
8 – 10 AM – Dojo Sports
10 – 11 AM – Recess
11 – 3 PM – SSF4 Top 16
3 – 7 PM – Tekken 6 Top 16
7 – 11 PM – MvC3 Top 16

USTREAM Final Round (scroll down further for this stream)
8 – 10 AM – Melty Blood: AA Top 8
10 – 12 Noon – GGXX Top 8
12 – 2 PM – BB:CS Top 8

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Spooky says that he'll stream Top for Tekken tomorrow. If there are Tekken matches being streamed now elsewhere could you link me to them?


I believe yesterday was just casuals and MM's. Today ,12th is the tournament.