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GOSU Tekken – 4/20/2011

ldMaxi is back with more korean deathmatches in this weeks episode of GosuTekken. This time we get to see HelpMe (back from the army and skinny with short hair now!) go against Barcus as well as Nin and Knee battle it out! Aris and I are on commentary for part 3:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (w/ English commentary by Rip and Aris)







2 responses to “GOSU Tekken – 4/20/2011”

  1. DAFFY

    Taunt jetupper aint broken yo! It can be ducked and punished by a ws launcher if it doesn’t land. Taunt takes mad skills to connect, coz it’s very slow and can be interrupted, Not everyone can do em’ so how the fuck is it cheap? Don’t base it on Knee or De javu. They’re top bryan players. yet still mess up taunt.

    If you’re not a bryan player and can’t do taunt jetupper consistently, never call it cheap! especially if you’re a pad player, coz i’ve never seen a pad player pull off taunt jetupper in a tournament, yet alone in casuals.

  2. CentaurOfGravity

    Japanese ppl tend to pronounce english words and names with an “o” in the end instead of an e. And they kinda swallow half of the “o” aswell. Thats why it sounds like steven, they actually say stevo or stevu.

    Awesome episode as usual, love to listening to you two guys 🙂