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No Tekken Tag 2 Location Test In Your Area? Scenario Campaign to the Rescue!

Okay, not really, but these guys were pretty darn creative to make these and I enjoyed them (minus the music choice):







7 responses to “No Tekken Tag 2 Location Test In Your Area? Scenario Campaign to the Rescue!”


    wow =|

  2. Shirdel

    I actually thought up and published a video on YouTube of this idea first.
    Have a look: watch?v=w2P0Uliwv5g
    No Music, but I thought of the idea first, and I’m working on a Mishima-Only Sequel with my friend.

  3. AAK

    That looked very painful to coordinate. Impressive stuff.

    Great find! 🙂

  4. DJD2010

    Wait, i have no idea if i have LOcation test in my area or not, how can i know? can someone answer please? , i live in Jeddah, KSA (IN the middle east)

    1. Rip

      You’ll have to refer to your local scene / arcade operator. Unless you have a very strong arcade scene its unlikely you will be receiving one.

      1. DJD2010

        …Actually here in KSA our arcade places are INSIDE the malls its hard to find them btw, But i’ll keep an eye on the arcades when i hang out with my friends and family.

      2. DJD2010

        i didn’t seem to find any location testing near my area, But are TTT2 arcades coming to the middle east or not? If yes or maybe When will it be? or you know give me a month that you think it MIGHT come out, Like November,October,December,Etc..