08th Jun2011

Tekken Tag 2 Gameplay Videos From E3 2011 – Day 2

by Rip

Stay tuned to this post or subscribe to our Youtube Channel for the latest gameplay vids out of E3. We have nearly 2 hours of videos from day 2 currently uploading and this post will be updated with the rest of them as they go up. Some of the players playing in the video are Rip, Aris, Kane, Subt-l and more. 10 vids below:


Also, some updates on Marshall Law to go with the previous post:

-df+2 range is shorter and doesn’t track as well (so overall hitbox nerf)
-dss 2 now has a new knd, no guaranteed dragontail afterwards
-2,2,1,2 last hit on CH is now a launcher like f+1+2 on CH
-BT 4,3 is now delayable
-b+1,2,2 is NOT launch punishable
-Havent personally verified, but according to JustFrameJames 4,3 does NOT JAIL ON BLOCK.

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