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More Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 News

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 producer was just interviewed during Capcom Unity Comic Con live stream. Here few notable things he said about the game;

  • The game will have 8 new stages.  None of the old stages are going away.  Some of the new stages are different versions of old stages, with different weather or time-of-day, and many differences in the background to accommodate those changes.
  • UMvC3 will be “on display” at Evo 2011.
  • The team looked at major tournament results when making decisions about what to change in UMvC3.
  • DLC you purchsed in ‘vanilla’ MvC3 is a mixed bag.  The costume pack featuring Ryu, Dante, Chris, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor will carry over to Ultimate if you bought it.  Shuma and Jill DLC characters will also carry over.  However, shadow mode will not exist in UMvC3, so if you bought those, they are confined to vanilla.
  • The number of colors and costumes available per character has increased by an unknown number.
  • The game’s netcode has been retooled to ‘reduce lag’, and to make matchmaking easier.  This includes easier rematch options online.
  • When asked about releasing full and detailed change logs for UMvC3 and/or when the game is patched, Niitsuma just laughed.  This is a disappointing difference in culture.
  • In regards to online features for UMvC3, the match making process was sped up, they reduced online lag and the menu flow is easier for rematching players.
  • At the current stage of development, there is no replay mode in UMvC3.
  • The HUD shown is not the final version and is for Comic-Con. They’re aware the lifebars for backup characters are hard to see and more tweaks are coming.
  • Niitsuma hoped to get more characters from Marvel vs. Capcom 2 into UMvC3, but Marvel had their preferences, so Capcom went with those. Niitsuma also wanted to get another non-fighting game character in, but didn’t say who that was.
  • Tournament results and videos were a factor in balancing the game. Fan feedback and other stuff went a long ways in helping the developers change things.
  • Not all characters got new moves, some just got tweaks to their existing attacks. Moves were added or changed to balance out the game, not just to add/change moves. C. Viper did get a new move, though. Frame data for a lot of the characters has been tweaked.
  • The number of costume colors available for the characters has been expanded.
  • There’s no new end boss for UMvC3, still Galactus, but that doesn’t mean they’ve left him untouched. He’s got some new bells and whistles to throw at players.
  • There will be something for MvC3 fans who bought the original game, if you have the save data on your console. What that is isn’t revealed yet, but there will be an extra.
  • If UMvC3 sells well, there will responses to fan requests for more content. This was said in response to if Mega Man will be in the game or not.
  • Capcom will not do a complete change log for MvC3 to UMvC3, but they’re planning on doing something to document the changes between games.
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will be at EVO 2011, but will only be “on display”
  • Capcom didn’t want to completely overhaul X-Factor, because it’s still MvC3, but they did make some changes to it, it does less damage now and of course can be activated in the air, as previously reported.
  • The new characters in the game will have their own endings, stories and stuff, but it sounds like they’ll be styled how they were in MvC3.
  • Simple mode will be like it was in MvC3, you can’t access all of a character’s moves with it.
  • Capcom went to the original source material a lot for the characters to try to bring them to life in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  • Hawkeye was a choice Marvel was very excited about. He has good long range attacks of course, but his close range attacks are good as well, making him pretty unique and fun to use.