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GOSU Tekken – 2011/08/24

Sad news. LDMaxi is finally leaving Korea and heading back home to Sweden. Aris and I set aside some time to do commentary on part 2 and 3. Maxi has said that LDBob will be taking over but that he hasn’t been fully trained on mixing the commentary in etc, so this may be the last GOSU Tekken with commentary for a long time. LDBob has some huge shoes to fill though and seriously, I doubt anyone is as crazy about standing in an arcade for hours recording matches as Maxi, so outlook not good. A huge thanks to Maxi for all of the awesome content he has provided the Tekken community the last few years.







5 responses to “GOSU Tekken – 2011/08/24”

  1. RandomJin

    Man, is this site dead or what?No comments whatsoever…

    1. Rip

      Uh..Thanks for commenting?! I wouldn’t mind seeing more comments, but there are some comments on most posts

  2. centaur of gravity

    Tekken 6 is an old game. People are waiting for tekken tag 2 and play different games. This site is far from dead Id say though, more like its the last bastion of tekken atm.

  3. Thank you Rip for all your help with the GosuTekken videos and props for allways doing it so entertaining and informative. I hope to see you in Sweden some day, I’ll treat you to one of those Pizzas I was telling you about 😉

    Till then ~

    David Vidales

  4. […] he used to upload the Gosu Tekken videos recorded from Green Arcade a few years ago and sometimes Aris and I used to commentate on them. Check out his cool interview below. Listening to this, I can say that I really miss LDMaxi content […]