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Electric Wind God Fridays Stream – 2011/9/30

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4 responses to “Electric Wind God Fridays Stream – 2011/9/30”

  1. Rip, I saw you trying Kazuya. Which is great, I like that.
    But you do some …erm …~strange stuff, like u/f+44. Have you tried to learn Kaz or you just pick him and see how it goes?

    1. Rip

      Hehe, u/f+44 is so good! (Not serious) but I like hitting people with it to make them feel bad haha. I haven’t really learned him yet, just been practicing execution for movement/electrics. Problem is I’ve practiced more on PSP than on stick so it doesn’t transfer over very well.

      1. And with Kaz you need a lot of movement. 🙂
        Have you seen the latest vid on ldmaxi’s channel where Knee plays with Kaz?
        Looks like they are not playing that seriosly but his spacing and whiff punishment with EWGF is great.

      2. Rip

        Haven’t seen it, however Knee has been using DevilJin in Tekken 6 for quite awhile, so he should have the movement/execution down pretty well. I’ll start practicing on stick .. sooner or later