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Level Up Your Game – Tekken 6 – Steve Fox

We’re back with our first episode on Machinima! MYK covers Steve Fox in depth! We need your help on this one guys. Machinima is not a fan of the length of our shows so they’d like to break it up into parts. Depending on how this episode does view wise, we may have to reformat the show. So if you’re a fan of the length, then please support by watching. If not, please post up some suggestions for how to break up the show in the comments. Thanks.


29 responses to “Level Up Your Game – Tekken 6 – Steve Fox”

  1. DrBhup

    Great episode! Don’t do them shorter! This is perfect. We NEED all this info!

    Also, what is Machinima?

  2. MaZtR HaXoR

    Damajer is so correct about the combo section, I can suggest that all day haha
    also when showing combos, can you display the notations at the somewhere in the video, like on the bottom (subtitle like) we can pause the video though so it would be okay it will be displayed quickly 🙂

    I also agree with CabeloCZ!!! PLEASE!! BRYAN HAHA with Mr. Naps or if possible, my idol, Knee haha

  3. […] quelques mois d’absence et un récent partenariat avec Machinima, l’équipe de Level Up Your Game est de retour avec un nouvel épisode centré sur Steve […]

  4. Blufr

    Good Gawd. The Internet is getting progressively lazier. People have moved on from bitching about how long articles are to pissing and moaning about the run-time of videos. I don’t give a damn how long your stuff gets,I’m here to grow as a player,so the more the merrier.

  5. Billy Lo

    do bryan and guest star mr.naps! XD

  6. i want to know “how to beat steave becouse i didn’t have beaten from all the other player’s but i alway’s been beaten from steve please make some anti steve videos tooooo!!!!
    like alisa huh my chars name is on my name

  7. if u help me i may be thankful to you

  8. Sam

    I think you guys should keep doing what your doing with in depth analysis, but maybe instead of one large video, break it up into shorter chapters (like have a video on the character’s oki, one on punishers, etc.).

    No matter how you end up formatting it, I would absolutely love to have more tutorials on more characters, specifically the mishimas, armor king, bryan, and yoshimitsu 🙂

  9. SamuelZaky

    Out of all the characters you’ve done I only play Law, but the rest were equally as great to watch! I am DYING for you guys to release an episode on Yoshimitsu. I would be eternally grateful with the force of 1000 suns.

  10. iskandar

    this video really had done a major upgrading for my Steve’s skills. Now i know how to maximize the wall situation and some mixups. Thanks a lot!
    Well, i have a wish. Would you please make a video about defense in Tekken 6? Especially the backdash cancel and throw breaks and so on. I was greatly frustrated everytime i fought an opponent who really knows how to attack properly. Most of the time i just get pressured and succumbed to it- flying to juggles and lose the matches. So…please make a video about defense.

    1. reepal

      Check out our TTT2 tutorial series – we cover pretty much everything you asked for in here – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVYulCamEPqLIJXEn-RZ9oDeKMfPBammY