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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – 100% Unblockable Tech Catch Combo

Wow, this is absolutely nuts. Granted, its a tech-roll trap and it involves an unblockable as a filler, but I’d bet that there must be other characters that can do this as well. Imagine something like this with Lei where his unblockable hits grounded! Its the last combo of the match.

If you haven’t seen Baparra’s Lee 30x b+2 combo check that out as well






7 responses to “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – 100% Unblockable Tech Catch Combo”

  1. dijon

    maybe that combo breaker wasn’t such a bad idea after all

  2. Whatever

    Wow, it must get fixed soon

  3. Dam.. Havnt seen this one at Taito yet, but I’m sure they’ll be some kind of gentlemans agreement against usin it..

    Cheap as hell but not an infinite at least..


  4. Damajer

    This is ridiculous.

    Having one character doing an unblockable in the back of your enemy while you play with your other character is just dumb.
    Having this kind of techtrap and the option to reset if the enemy doesnt tech creates a 50/50 mix up, where the wrong choice gets you juggled again in both cases.

  5. AAK

    Posted this on TZ.

    But you can avoid this by Tag Crashing. The second you get touched by a Tag Assault, you get Netsu and hence you have the ability to Tag Crash and you avoid the setup.

    But this will be at the expense of your red life.

    1. Rip

      Very interesting…I’d like to see that happen though. I’m curious as to whether the incoming Tag Crash would hit the point character (who is in front / jumping over at that point or the Tag Assault character charging the unblockable). If it hits the point character, then the incoming Tag Crash character may get hit by the unblockable still.

      1. AAK

        Jay-kei confimed this in TZ forum that Tag Crash is completely invulnerable to everything except running unblockable tackles. Therefore, technically, if you time it properly so that even if the unblockable connects attacking the point character, you’ll be immune to it’s damage.

        Otherwise, it’s just way too broken and I doubt Mishimastar could have overlooked this, i.e.: