09th Jan2012

Korean Tekken Tag 2 Matches Round Up – 1/9/2011

by Rip

More Tekken Tag 2 matches have been coming out of Korea recently featuring top players such as Nin, Ji3moonAce, Hao, Narak Hof, Holeman, No Name and more. I cant believe Narak Hof is still using Bryan/Hwoarang! Go back to Marduk! Many more vids after the jump
(Nageumsung)Kazuya/Deviljin vs (HoleMan)Kazuya/Lars


(Ji3moonAce)Kazuya/A.King vs (Hao)Heihachi/Deviljin

(Nin)Marduk/Steve vs (Noname)Nina/Law

(Nin)Marduk/Steve vs (Noname)Nina/Law

(Jangddeang)Raven/Steve,Lars/Deviljin vs (Narakhof)Bryan/Hwoarang

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