11th Jan2012

MadCatz CES Announcements: New Street Fighter X Tekken FightStick PRO & FightStick V.S.

by Rip

At CES MadCatz unveiled their newest fight sticks, the Street Fighter x Tekken Fightstick PRO and the Street Fighter x Tekken Fightstick V.S. The Fightstick PRO is a new take on the original Street Fighter x Tekken stick they released, except this time in black. Not sure if there are any other changes, but I’m definitely liking the black body instead of the original red one. The Fightstick PRO also comes in two separate artwork choices; Cross and Line.

The new V.S. stick is interesting as it allows you to connect two of them side-by-side with the purchase of a connector kit. I don’t know if this will catch on for home use, but it seems like it may have some potential for people who build their own arcade cabinets. With Street Fighter x Tekken featuring some cool co-op gameplay elements it definitely fits for the game though. Always good to see companies trying something new with their products.

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