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Tekken Unlimited – AOU 2012?

Update: Trailer Revealed! AOU2012 is nearly upon us and while the show floor isn’t open yet there are some pics floating around. No details yet, but make what you will of this:

Of course, the obvious, it either says 1v1 or 7v7 and the image of Jin’s face / young Heihachi is what was used in the Tekken Tag 2 promotional materials.



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14 responses to “Tekken Unlimited – AOU 2012?”

  1. abner

    tekken tag tournament 2 UNLIMITED? 7 on 7? maybe it’s a custom team battle build that rotates between 7 characters for tekken tag 2 insanity? lol speculation time!

    1. Rip

      Yeah, looks like the name says ‘Tekken UNLIMITED Tag Tournament 2’ – and that definitely looks more like 7 vs 7 than 1 vs 1

  2. fuuuuuuuuu

    come now! that’s a 1v1 for sure. i mean, it looks exactly like what i typed.

  3. foxxy

    Damn 7/7, thats interesting maybe its a launch of new playable TTT2 demo and 7/7 could possibly mean it has 7 characters to select from the roster? Ah well i can’t make up anything else from that. Cant wait already…

  4. Rookless Pawn

    Those aren’t 7’s, those are 1’s. The wording “Will you fight alone? Or will you fight toghether?” makes such an idea apparent.

    It’s 1 vs 1 on one side of the banner and the obstruction makes it difficult to see the rest on the opposite end.

    There’s likely options to switch whether you’ll have a team consisting of 1 or 2 players per side. Like how with Skullgirls or Capcom vs SNK you can set the amount of characters on your team.

    7 vs 7 doesn’t make any sort of sense whatsoever given the context and franchise history. It doesn’t seem to be something feasible to implement and hardly seems that the developers would randomly affix the number 7 to anything in regards to the showcase gameplay mechanics.

  5. ouyrtuy

    It looks more like 1vs1 to me

    1. Rip

      Awesome, thanks! Added as a post all its own

  6. robisntdrunk

    Why unlimited is what im wondering…it sounds so odd.

  7. LevelUpYourGame

    Looks like it says Tekken Unlimited Tag Tournament 2

  8. Leem Leem Version V

    the tekken players have bounce moves like tekken 6 to combo from it?

  9. LevelUpYourGame

    I assume youre talking about SFxT, in which case, yes – most do

  10. Leem Leem Version V

    Cool , Plz make video with king next time . I wonder how many multiple throw he has in this game