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Level Up Your Game – SFxT – Marduk / King

Continuing on in our Street Fighter x Tekken coverage, this week we cover the two grapplers of the Tekken series, Marduk and King. Both characters have unique playstyles and are a lot of fun. King’s combo potential is ridiculous so TastySteve on Cross Assault, take notes! #TeamTekken (Oh yeah, and stay tuned to the credits for a little bonus)

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48 responses to “Level Up Your Game – SFxT – Marduk / King”

  1. Danny Nguyen

    I’ll be rocking King for sure. Marduk not so much for me.

  2. Gugeno

    Wow, this game is gonna be incredible!

  3. Elricooooo

    Very nice and deep character breakdowns as always guys. Hopefully there will be a Steve one in the works.

  4. King’s my favorite Tekken character. I remember for the longest time I could never do his chain grabs.
    Then I stopped playing picked the game pack up and was able to do them again. I forgot them since I haven’t been playing again though. Still can’t really pull of the Rollin’ Death Cradle which I wish I could.

  5. Goonit

    Looking forward to seeing more of the cast being broken down this way. Keep up the work.

  6. Micah

    Comment to win Sticks.

  7. Joe Courage

    Oh man, I cannot wait to footdive, juggle then command grab some suckers!

  8. Erock

    You guys have the best character tutorial videos. Really in-depth. Good work!

  9. Jackgar

    Thanks for the video tutorial. I’ve been considering giving King a try as one of my main teams (paired with Hugo for some grappling goodness) and it’s good to see that he’s still a solid character, especially since he was my main throughout the Tekken series.

  10. Laz

    so many grapplers in this game it’s awesome

  11. Anthony Phu

    King looks pretty cool in this game. I hope u guys do a tutorial for Yoshimitsu/Raven soon.

  12. HammerIX

    King looks pretty good, cant wait to anti-air with his counters. Does anybody know his wake up options if at all?

  13. Andrew

    I’m definitely going straight to King when the game comes out. Those juggles are too crazy with that follow up power bomb.

  14. smackpiece

    I am loving these character overview videos. Looking forward to the next ones.

  15. Razzie

    Really looking forward to King. Great vid, guys.