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Final Round XV – Tekken 6 Top 8 Matches and Results

Check out the Tekken 6 top 8 from Final Round XV. Japan’s Ao was in attendance along with USA’s FightingGM, Anakin, The Exalted, and more. Matches start around the 14 minute mark and results after the jump

1. FR|Hoa aka Anakin (Jack)
2. FRB|Ao (Alisa, Miguel)
3. FightingGM (Lee)
4. FR|Clint (Kuma)
5. The Exalted (Lei)
5. Pokchop (Bruce)
7. AceUnlimited (Asuka)
7. OFDP (Jack)





46 responses to “Final Round XV – Tekken 6 Top 8 Matches and Results”

  1. Jack FTW!! I’m surprised there’s no Bob, Law, Steve, or Lars in this top 8. Very interesting.

    1. MikeBreezy

      Because east coast has greater variation of character and it also has

  2. Or the rest of the players in US are busy in TTT2?

  3. Akibono

    WoW double jack6 in top8, noone of the usuale suspects in top8 (bryan,steve law and so on…) and AO has lost the finals. is there a change going on in the tekkentier ranking or is it just because almost every progamer has left behind the oldfashion tekken6BR ?

  4. Battle Joe

    The Final Round matches made me want to get back in to Tekken…..haven’t played since Tekken 6! …..k thx gg

    1. Battle Joe

      I mean Tekken 3.

  5. chemicalRed

    I missed FR so I really appreciate the post. Thanks.

  6. TheOyabun

    Hmm.. Great.. 🙂

  7. Christian Weber

    damn i missed it :I

    1. Shivvi

      I feel you man…

  8. Andrewwwwww

    I was watching the stream when Anakin pulled off that amazing comeback. Too crazy.

  9. whitefire

    awesome gameplay need to really get into tekken more!

  10. Chris A.

    that shit was hypppppe

  11. ColdSteel


  12. Guilherme Salles


  13. Peder

    So… about that Madcatz Fighstick, huh? 😀

  14. Manuel


  15. Harpreet H

    No Bob kinda surprised but that