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Winner of the First FightStick PRO Giveaway is..

Congratulations to ‘greendragon’ for winning our first @MadCatzInc Street Fighter x Tekken FightStick PRO giveaway. Check your email and reply back with your information within 48 hours or the stick will have to go to someone else! Huge thanks to MarkMan and Mad Catz for making this giveaway possible.

For everyone else, don’t forget we still have our Twitter giveaway going on as well. All you have to do to enter is follow @LevelUpYourGame and @MadCatzInc on Twitter then tweet the following:
Hey @LevelUpYourGame and @MadCatzInc are giving away a SFxT Fightstick PRO! RT and follow both to enter

Twitter contest ends 3/16/2012. Winner will be chosen 3/17/2012





17 responses to “Winner of the First FightStick PRO Giveaway is..”

  1. Danny


  2. Reximus

    Your so lucky greendragon! Congrats.

  3. Firat Celebi

    Congrats man 😀

  4. TheOyabun

    Lucky Guy..!! 🙂

  5. Rip

    If you guys are entering on Twitter, be sure to follow both @LevelUpYourGame and @MadCatzInc or you will not be eligible to win if selected

    1. Firat Celebi

      Can we tweet more than once?

  6. greendragon

    Wow this is awesome! Thank you! I’ve been stuck playing on old breaking down ps2 pads and xbox 360 controllers for years now so I’m really stoked to use such an awesome looking fightstick! No more wrist pain while kicking butt with Yoshi 🙂 I replied through the email with all my information. If theres anything else I’ll be sure to reply immediately.

  7. Isaac

    Congrats man!!!

  8. FernandoTheGameFebles

    whatever happened to that raffle from MYK?

  9. Brixton Gray

    fuck u green dragon

  10. Joe Peterson


  11. Calvin Fivehundredninetynineusdollars Pinsuwan

    sticks only given to #fcgilluminati

  12. Oni Oyabun

    Lol @Joe.. XD

  13. Pao Lo Miguel

    Congratz 🙂

  14. LevelUpYourGame

    lol if it were staged then I would have won