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[KYSG] GuC11’s Last Combo Video for Tekken 6 BR

[KYSG] GuC11’s last combo video for Tekken 6 BR. I’m not usually a fan of tool assisted combo videos because they usually end up having more repetition of difficult to perform inputs and less creativity, but I’m a fan of the combos in this video. Check it out:






5 responses to “[KYSG] GuC11’s Last Combo Video for Tekken 6 BR”

  1. Gab

    What does it mean when something is tool assisted?

    1. Rip

      It means they used a programmable stick. Basically, they can program what combos they want the stick to perform and at what timing to do it at. This usually leads to combos that are insane or impossible to do by hand.

  2. Mattia Esposito

    Guc11 is so good. loved the wgf,112 combo

  3. Alex Chin

    i remember watching his Lars Videos when i played tekken for the first time.

  4. Alex Chin

    tekken 6*