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Remember, Remember, The Month of September?

This was sent to me by an anonymous tipster who attended the SCV World Finals last night. What could it mean? Harada also tweeted that there would be a press event today. Could it be related?





11 responses to “Remember, Remember, The Month of September?”

  1. September 2013. :p

  2. PLZ PLZ PLZ o god Tekken Tag 2 yes baby. I play T6 and SFxT while listening to the TTT2 OST everyday on XBL. when those songs play, my bryan or my rufus/hugo team powerlevel goes over 9000

  3. LevelUpYourGame

    S H A R E

  4. Tony Lew

    lol so someone snuck in ehhh!!

  5. Alex Chin

    i knew it!

  6. Asim GL Ali

    console reelase?

  7. Leem Leem Version V

    amazon has this already release date 31/12/2012

  8. LevelUpYourGame

    So amazon is wrong =p

  9. Leem Leem Version V

    Who u think the extra players are? Doctor b, gon , Alex,kunimtsu , Combot , forest law ??

  10. Asim GL Ali

    what about those chinese girls in t4?

  11. Manish Raj

    Eagerly waiting for it……duh