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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Kunimitsu, Human Ogre, Angel

Gamespot seems to have leaked images of some of the upcoming characters for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 console: Kunimitsu, Human Ogre, and Angel! The images are linked (and still up) on Gamespot servers, however there seems to be no accompanying article. They sure do look legit though!

Original hi-res links:





16 responses to “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Kunimitsu, Human Ogre, Angel”

  1. Marcus Sundqvist


  2. Ronix TwentyThree


  3. Nick Navas

    where the F is dr b?

  4. LevelUpYourGame

    Yes really. Looks like they’re listening to fan feedback. Another 3+ characters coming as well

  5. Ronix TwentyThree

    i’d love to see angel doin’ godfists with white electric effects.. 🙂

  6. Alex Chin

    oh damn some Comeback!

  7. Loukas Liaskos

    Alex, Dr.B and Gon maybe the other 3? We havent seen Kunimitsu since Tekken 2. Lets see how she will differentiate from Yoshi in terms of movelist and gameplay. I hope they also make Angel different from Devil in a way.

  8. Brayan Williams Riquelme Flores

    Kunimitsu, Human Ogre, and Angel! in cosnsola how good are confirmed

  9. IronLegend

    1. I hope Forrest gets revealed soon :D2. For the love of god I hope they don’t pull a sc5 with these characters by having them being “mokujin” types >:C

  10. Jonathan Isler

    nice to see that if your looking for some Jin action please take a look at my video rate comment and subscribe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK96TKDkvFc

  11. Jonathan Isler

    bring back Gon and were golden lol

  12. Martin Christopher Tan

    Bamco promised to add more characters in the console version, so I’m really counting on these guys. Hopefully Angel will have her own moveset instead of Devil’s. I’d hate to see a lovely angel lady going, “DORYA~!!!”

  13. Gregory Bucy


  14. ketlord

    yes the small ogre.. .its a good addition !!!
    i wish if some they bring dr. b into game back !!! 🙂

  15. Kayonaise

    If you remove the 640 part….. you get bigger resolution..