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Tekken E3 2012 Presentation – Snoop Dogg Reveals and Music Video

Here is the full clip of the Tekken E3 2012 presentation. Harada, Snoop Dogg, and a couple of other reveals are in this clip. For the record, hearing Snoop Dogg “bOom” made me throw up in my mouth a little. Grossizzle mah dizzle. Also, check out the music video which features top USA Tekken players Anakin, Fab, and Kor! (Music Vid at 4:51)





5 responses to “Tekken E3 2012 Presentation – Snoop Dogg Reveals and Music Video”

  1. abner

    not really a fan of snoop dogg. whatever helps for tekken’s popularity/awareness i guess. does snoop like to play tekken himself though? or this is just pure marketing shill? this may be the worst or greatest idea for tekken’s marketing in the USA though.

  2. Zero_The_Shadow

    YO LOL!!!!

  3. Zero_The_Shadow

    Justin Wong getting beat by Anakin and then FAB showing up and beating Anakin this shit is freakin hilarious.

  4. Hi, oh can you play as Yoshi+Kuni and record the win animation? I’m SO CURIOUS whether they have a special winning animation… I missed it very much in TTT1.

    1. Good idea, will try to record it tomorrow