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E3 2012 – Tekken Tag 2 – Top Player Match Vids – Batch 2 of 2

Here it is, the second batch of Tekken Tag 2 match videos from E3 2012. Reposting the 4th vid of batch 1 as well since it got lost in the shuffle and because MYK does a ridiculous combo at 5:18. There is more Kunimitsu in this batch, less Angel, less Law. All the vids after the jump and be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel.
[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”3ZWQqUi6pLY”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1fJQn6_B_M





6 responses to “E3 2012 – Tekken Tag 2 – Top Player Match Vids – Batch 2 of 2”

  1. Fr0zen

    Were you people playing this on xbox or ps3?

    1.  @Fr0zen All of this footage was from the main stage setup which was run from PS3. They also had xbox setups on the show floor as well though

      1. Fr0zen

         @LevelUpYourGame Thank you. I was still wondering how Xbox graphics look since I heard that they were worse than PS3. I guess that will still be a mystery, unless you can possibly give a comment on that (the graphics)?

      2.  @Fr0zen Sorry, didn’t really pay attention to the differences in graphics, mainly played on PS3 for the better controllers

  2. CristianoMartins

    who is that zafina/kunimitsu?

    1.  @CristianoMartins WeaponX