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Tekken Tag 2 – Time Release DLC Characters Starts October 9!

Excited about Dr.B, Sebastian, Slim Bob, Miharu, Unknown and Violet? Well Famitsu is reporting that these characters and the additional DLC stages will start rolling out, one at a time, from October 9th. Oh yea, and they are free. Time release of course a throwback to the arcade scene so it would be cool for those in the arcades if these get time released at the same time in the arcades. More videos after the jump!





9 responses to “Tekken Tag 2 – Time Release DLC Characters Starts October 9!”

  1. Chinew JustChinew

    are they going to be free? :O

  2. Nick Navas

    DR F’NG B

  3. Targie

    Hmm, think all of these will be released one at a time once a week for 10 weeks? Then the pre-order characters after that?
    Release date to first time release= 3 weeks
    1 of these 10 items a week= 10 weeks
    13 weeks= 91 days which matches some of the reports saying the pre-order characters would be released 3 months after the game.
    The other idea is 4 stages and 4 DLC characters. Angel appears in the first video, Jaycee in the third (hints Michelle) and Ogre in the last (hints A.Ogre). Only one that wouldn’t fit is Kuni and stage 2.
    *Shrugs* time will tell. Hopefully they’ll have fixed A.Ogre’s NOT-AN-INFINITE infinite by then.

  4. Scott Jackson

    I’m curious if maybe they’ll throw a patch in there, too, just to straighten out the few bugs we’ve seen. Not that I think it’s super necessary, but it’d be nice. 🙂

  5. Tom Mottershead

    what about the 4 DLC characters that were given via preorder? do non preorders never get them?

  6. Mohamed Kies

    Already ?

  7. updog

    Doesn’t say anything about the preorder characters. Wish I bought from gamestop.

  8. LevelUpYourGame

    AFAIK no date has been given for the 4 pre-order DLC characters

  9. Mohamed Kies

    Maybe they will be the last ones to be released