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KYSG – Tekken Tag 2 – Multi Character Combo Video

KYSG has released their first console Tekken Tag 2 multi-character combo video. If you haven’t heard of them, they are a group of players who in the past have used programmable controllers to find/demonstrate the capabilities of the combo system. Always insane stuff to see from them:






6 responses to “KYSG – Tekken Tag 2 – Multi Character Combo Video”

  1. Marko Luković

    Yeah, and don’t mention the guy who showed you that vid…
    Nah, but seriously, those infinites may be gamebreaking element if it isn’t limited to “fatties”.

  2. Alex Chin

    broken wallcomboss

  3. komek

    Some look nice but I dont want to loose by such combos xD NAMCO fix this!

  4. LevelUpYourGame

    Marko, pretty sure those combos are fattie only

  5. Mohamed Kies

    WTF with raiden and this shaking screen O_O

  6. Whuzzabi

    Hey guys!
    I´ve noticed that in a lot combos the chars seem to ‘”slip” trough bounds and continue the combo from the other side of the tag partner, but i haven´t been able to find out how to do it… My first guess was dashing but i couldn´t get underneith my opponent with it (propably because i suck at dashing xD). If its a character-specific move could someone tell my what moves Lars and Alisa use to do it?