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Hilarious TTT2 Glitches from Theater10

Theater10 has revealed some awesome TTT2 glitches. Not sure if these are practice mode only or if they are possible in real versus/online play as well. The Marduk one though is too good. Looks like it somehow glitches into making him do all of his knockdown/launch/float/win/etc animations back to back to back. Pretty awesome stuff. Wall bypassing stuff after the jump





5 responses to “Hilarious TTT2 Glitches from Theater10”

  1. Henry Kassay

    i shat my pants this was so funny

  2. YukioSumadera

    Dayum since when did Marduk become a B-boy?

  3. Roger Tung

    Marduk to win the next RedBull BC One. Hong10 ain’t got nothing on that shit.

  4. lawlhalla

    Second video was removed, so i searched and maybe this one was it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74BNaGr3IPk

    1. Thx lawhalla, youre right, thats the video it was. Updated post to reflect new link (maybe theater10 accidentally double uploaded it and removed one?)