15th Jan2013

AverMedia Live Gamer HD – Review and Performance Benchmarks

by Rip

The included software disc contains the necessary drivers and software to get the card up and running. However, AverMedia has released many updates and I highly recommend you check the version number of your included software with the version numbers from the official website. I decided to go with the current beta version of ReCentral and the latest drivers, which I did not run into any problems with (RECentral v1.2.0.25, Drvier v3.3.x.26).

The included manual has very detailed diagrams to show you exactly how you need to hook up your PC or console to the capture card then to your monitor. For console gaming with audio arriving through HDMI I didn’t need to use the audio pass-thru. For PC gaming though, depending on your sound card configuration you may be able to just use the Stereo Mix recording device to playback your audio to the soundcard avoiding the loop-thru as well. Otherwise you will need to use the included 3.5mm cables. I should note that I didn’t experience any noticable lag when using the HDMI pass-thru and found it very convenient that the pass-thru was always on, even if you didn’t have the ReCentral software running.

Once you have the card installed in your PC and have the drivers/software installed you can startup the ReCentral software with the included USB Hot Button. The Hot Button also acts as the start/stop buttons for streaming and capturing as well (instead of a solid red light, the light pulsates while it is capturing or streaming).

When you open up the ReCentral software everything is very clearly laid out. You click Capture or Stream from the left menu, then select one of the skill levels (Newbie, Amateur, Pro). You’ll want to experiment with the different skill levels as sometimes the easier skill levels are more intuitive. I found myself using the Amateur preset most as it satisfied my paranoia levels before going live by showing me the video / audio levels beforehand. With the PRO settings, its usually just one panel of settings with no video/audio previews, and then you’re good to go.

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