15th Jan2013

AverMedia Live Gamer HD – Review and Performance Benchmarks

by Rip

In the DX11 test for Unigine we see that streaming with Xsplit drops our performance 31% while streaming with ReCentral on the other hand only drops our performance ~3%

With Batman Arkham City on Extreme we see that streaming with Xsplit drops our performance 30% while streaming with ReCentral drops us only 1.1%

Similar to the Batman tests, on tests where the system is more stressed, we have closer streaming performance between the two (although not close at all). Here in Metro 2033 with DX9 tests we see that streaming with XSplit drops our performance a massive 65% while streaming with ReCentral only drops it ~2.2%

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R benchmark is a bit of an outlier since there doesn’t seem to be any good way of streaming it through Xsplit. Without a capture card though when you’re forced to use software methods to grab the frames from your game these issues do come up and is another reason why you should invest in an HDMI capture card when streaming PC games. Looking at the Rain tests we see that streaming with Xsplit drop our performance 77% while streaming through ReCentral drops it 11%. A fairly large drop for ReCentral here, but considering the frame rate is over 100, its not going to affect gameplay much.

The graphics tests of 3DMark11 show some inconsistencies where streaming with Xsplit somehow performs better than having Xsplit preview the stream but not actually encode it. Obviously margin of error problems here with these graphics tests, but the Physics Test shows the same pattern we’ve observed in the previous results.

Same strange 3DMark11 behavior, but regardless, the ReCentral streaming is definitely pulling the higher framerates.

The Super Street Fighter 4 benchmark has the highest margin of error out of all the tests since the benchmark is extremely variable. Sometimes it will run Yun/Yang, other times it will run Oni/E.Ryu. What the characters do with Supers/Ultra’s/Projectiles etc vary from run to run giving it a margin of error somewhere around 10%. Even with that error margin though, its fairly obvious that the LiveGamerHD and ReCentral are streaming the game closer to normal performance.

Finally, with Resident Evil 5, we see that streaming with Xsplit drops performance around 28% while ReCentral drops performance only 2%.

In fact, in ALL cases shown here, just having a software solution preview the benchmark in Xsplit without streaming yields much larger performance losses than actually streaming with the Live Gamer HD through ReCentral. In pretty much every case, the ReCentral results are the closest to the baseline results which means that your games are running closest to normal while streaming it. Also, since streaming is more intensive than capturing these will be the biggest hit that you will see when using ReCentral. If you were to generalize all of these results, it seems reasonable to estimate that Xsplit will drop performance about 25-35% while ReCentral will drop performance about 3%.

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