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TTT2 – Punishment Video – All Characters by JinHolyKnight

Clocking in at 4 hours 27 minutes, Jin HolyKnight has put together a MASSIVE video that has punishment guides for every single character in TTT2. By using captions and annotations this video provides shortcut links to any specific character. I love that the video shows the +/- frames of each string and even shows you where holes in strings are. Definitely check it out, like, subscribe and all that good stuff – Check it out after the jump:

Credit: AAK





6 responses to “TTT2 – Punishment Video – All Characters by JinHolyKnight”

  1. Krisnadiva Soehardiman


  2. Zsolt Jenei

    4 hours huh? And i thought I will be having a boring Saturday 🙂

  3. James Chef Da Silva

    Surely you could go out and get some fresh air and talk to the ladies Mr. Jenei.

  4. Travis Duggins


  5. Kenny Målvakten Persson

    that was so cool ^^

  6. Mcztokido

    Hey rip…. I’m still waiting for battle royale…