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TTT2 Online Tourney – 1st Tekken Subreddit Tournament – Top 4

Earlier tonight the top 4 of the first Tekken subreddit online TTT2 tournament took place. MYK and I did commentary as Reave004 joined us to help run the event. Thanks to everyone for participating and hope you enjoyed watching. There is a small interview with Reave004 in the beginning of the video that talks a little about the subreddit and how he plans to organize future tournaments. Good stuff to everyone who qualified in the top 4. You can see the final Challonge bracket here.


4 responses to “TTT2 Online Tourney – 1st Tekken Subreddit Tournament – Top 4”

  1. Darius Innovating Smith

    who actually knew about this?

  2. LevelUpYourGame

    The 1200+ members of the Tekken subreddit obviously =p That was part of the reason I wanted to stream it and give it some visibility though, to raise awareness for future tournaments organized there

  3. Darius Innovating Smith

    PS3 ONLY?

  4. Helga Mola Soler

    Hi have you guys seen TEKKEN MAP? I think it could be a great tool to organize online or even offline tournaments with people by location.. anyone can add their location and see other user’s email and PSN or Xbox ID etc check it out