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TTT2 – Power of Junkyard, FT7 RunItBlack, FT5 TheMainMan

Hey guys, just sharing some of the TTT2 online shenanigans I’ve experienced this past week. A lot of people asked for me to play TheMainMan previously and we finally got to play! It was a TERRIBLE connection (expected, he lives across the planet) but we played through it regardless. RunItBlack .. hit me with some lasers, and got me a little angry in the process. And Forest16 gets me extremely sarcastic… Of course, catch the streams live by following the Twitch channel, and as always, subscribe to the youtube channel! Check out the vids below:





5 responses to “TTT2 – Power of Junkyard, FT7 RunItBlack, FT5 TheMainMan”

  1. Maximum Power

    wow… very great fights (Y).. btw ninja lOOks cool in biker outfit

  2. Romek Janiak

    Lag to 5 ! 😀

  3. Alex Chin

    holy sht you fought the Mainmain :O

  4. Alex Chin

    his all over to sweden xD

  5. Travis Duggins

    You need to play TheMainMan offline. I would love to see that match.