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Tekken 7 – First Gameplay Screenshots – New Character Claudio!

Just released from the location test comes a new PDF file that goes over some of the games new mechanics as well as a movelist for the 18 characters available in the build. Two new features in the game are a new Rage Arts and Power Crush attacks. Power Crush attacks are attacks that will go through other attacks, BUT you will still take damage if you were attacked during it. This means its similar to invincible moves from Tekken Revolution. One notable exception, is that it will only absorb high and mid moves, not low moves! Check out the PDF and first gameplay screenshots HERE. Also revealed was a new character, Claudio! Also, the character we thought was Catalina is actually Katarina! Surprise!


Translation by Noodalls via Neogaf:
Rage arts
Once your health falls below a certain value, you enter into rage mode and your attack power increases. During that time, you have access to special powerful moves known as rage arts.
The command varies per character, so check the command list.

– when the life bar indicates, you have access to rage arts
– you can use them in combos
– go for the comeback victory!!

Power Crush
Even if you are hit during your attack, you will continue to attack until the end of the move. It is powerful as you can use it as often as you like, to absorb as many attacks as you like, but you will still take the damage from the opponent’s move, so watch your life bar carefully.

In the move list on page 3, the red moves are rage arts, the blue moves are power crush. It also mentions that power crush moves will only absorb the opponent’s high and mid moves.





26 responses to “Tekken 7 – First Gameplay Screenshots – New Character Claudio!”

  1. LoneWolf Rollinsolo

    I’m already not feeling it.

  2. Baraa Fakiha

    I got feeling it will be like tekken revolution and I don’t like tekken revolution

  3. Martin Christopher Tan

    Rage Arts and Power Crush doesn’t sound like Tekken at all. I was just hoping for a practical application of the special moves they implemented in Tekken Revo (complete with the flashy graphics). But, eh, we’ll see.

  4. LevelUpYourGame

    Just updated the page – Bound is still in the game!

  5. Hassan Laghari

    Nooo .. Not bound again .. I hate bound system

  6. Hassan Laghari

    Btw is tht the new arab fighter?

  7. Jared Spires

    Tekken players are so unopen to change. These mechanics won’t be a huge deal if they’re balanced. There’s little difference between a Rage Crush and a reversal, except Rage Crush still takes damage and is probably easier to punish (save for Asuka’s lol). Wait and see how it actually works.

  8. Guillermo Arroyo

    fuck this game. rip tekken

  9. LevelUpYourGame

    Updating the post with gameplay video!

  10. Hassan Laghari

    No bound?

  11. LevelUpYourGame

    Bound looks like its gone the route of Tekken Revolution. In fact, most of the gameplay looks similar to TR. Backwalk, backroll catches seem to work like TR, etc

  12. Kwasi May

    Crybaby ass scrubs got their wish. No more bounds.