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Tekken 7 Leaks! Jin, Devil Jin, New Character(s)!?!

Wow, just hours after Tekken Net launched in Korea, we get crazy leaks! Looks like Jin, Devil Jin, and a new female character were revealed! Also there is a mystery fourth image, which may be a customization or another new character! Check out the video below, and the screens after the jump!



16 responses to “Tekken 7 Leaks! Jin, Devil Jin, New Character(s)!?!”

  1. Clarence Powell

    Totally is gantz

  2. Roger Tung

    Chick looks like a younger Julia what with her stance and outfit.

  3. Modestas Jakubonis

    This should be FAKE. Jin can’t appear with D.J in Tekken7. And we don’t need that F****** garbage jack.

  4. Joje De Guzman

    Philippine flag colors on that girl.. the design of her shoes..
    Sampaguita flower on her waist..

  5. Hayden Escare Jr.


  6. Joje De Guzman

    did you actually open the link?
    it has a tag “Filipina” in it :v

  7. Omega Roc

    I’ll call him Bane Jack

  8. Jesse Martinez


  9. Joshua Vinz Vermillion Fajardo

    Devil Jin needs a new costume design.

  10. Gabriel Carrizales

    crazy mayne,crazy

  11. Alex Chin

    what if that new girl is actually going to be jin’s wife? dun dun dun

  12. Joshua Coleman

    The hoodie lives!!! Yeeeeessss!!!

  13. Saaro Oerba-Rube

    Pinay power!!!! Ey!!!!!!!!

  14. DivX

    She has the same stance as Jin. Oh Kaz spreading your seed all over the place. That tekken force chick that they previously revealed for TR would be a good in this game.

  15. Bob Baskins

    Jack plz