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Tekken 7 – Throws Get Counterhit

One of the new changes in Tekken 7 is that throws can now be counterhit. I’m not really a fan of the change since throws have already been weakened in Tekken 7 (generic 1 or 2 throws can be broken with either punch button). Note that this seems to only counterhit on the impact frame of the throw and not during its startup. Kane and I tested it and put together this short video demonstrating it. Let me know what you guys think about this in the comments below





9 responses to “Tekken 7 – Throws Get Counterhit”

  1. Brandon Hitchcock

    Oh my

  2. クリス カルロス

    That shit needs to go.

  3. Joaquín Sandoval

    We DOA now lol

  4. Arshad Khan

    This changes some things

  5. Jono Ieng

    Adnan Hussain

  6. Christopher Christensen

    Why are they ruining the game more & more? Just…relax Bandai Namco, stop ruining your several generations old franchise in a single Tekken game.

  7. James J Winters Jr.

    What they need to do is be like a VF and make guaranteed through situations since the rules can be broken so easily

  8. DerekLee

    why does it need to go? … it hooks up chars like steve

  9. Jonathan Isler

    took a page from dead or alive i see