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Author: Derek Lee

  • TTT2 Tagging “Bug”

    TTT2 Tagging “Bug”

    While not really a bug or glitch, not even sure what to categorize this as … camera trick? either way, as you can see from the vid, you cannot tag your partner in until they are fully off the screen. I’m sure there are other situations similar to this, but I found this by accident. […]

  • Tekken Tag 2 : Exclusive Console Characters

    Tekken Tag 2 : Exclusive Console Characters

    A new video trailer has been posted to on Gamespot’s website regarding 4 characters returning to Tekken Tag 2 for the console release. The video shows brief snippets of Michelle Chang, Angel, “Ancient” Ogre and Kunimitsu. Why they are calling him “ancient”, I don’t know … I’m sure “true” ogre is the same ‘age’ as […]

  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Kunimitsu, Human Ogre, Angel

    Gamespot seems to have leaked images of some of the upcoming characters for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 console: Kunimitsu, Human Ogre, and Angel! The images are linked (and still up) on Gamespot servers, however there seems to be no accompanying article. They sure do look legit though!

  • Tekken Tag 2 Coming Soon to North American Arcades?

    Tekken Tag 2 Coming Soon to North American Arcades?

    Shown above is screen shot from the TTT2 Live Monitor in Australia. To those who are unfamiliar with how the Live Monitor works for the arcade Tekken Tag 2, it is basically a monitor where you can view replays from around the world and [your own] player statistics. You are able to search by player […]

  • Level Up Your … Monitor Lag?

    Level Up Your … Monitor Lag?

    Most people in this day and age play our games on HDTV’s at home. The old days of everyone playing on a lagless CRT tv are virtually extinct and unfortunately the modern day HDTV’s all have some sort of lag. What does this mean for you? Well if you are a casual gamer, it means […]

  • Tekken x SF Leaked Images?

    Tekken x SF Leaked Images?

    UPDATE: Michael Murray has confirmed that these are NOT TxSF pictures, and instead are just Tekken Tag 2 customizations. A couple of leaked pictures have shown up around the internet of possible development pictures for Tekken x SF.      

  • TTT2 : Unlimited – Tiers and Damages from Arcadia

    A new issue of Arcadia Magazine was recently released and it gives some info regarding tier lists from a top player standpoint as well as some official damage listings. more after the jump…

  • Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited : Lifebars and Damages

    Previously in Tekken 6 : Bloodline Rebellion and Tekken Tag 2 [pre-Unlimited version], lifebars were set to 180 damage points for both games. However, now that Solo / single character mode has been added to TTT2 : Unlimited, this has changed. Samechan from Japan has done some damage testing with the game. Unfortunately, I am […]