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  • Level Up Your Game – Tekken 6 App Released for Android

    This has been a long time coming, but its finally here. While the app is for Tekken 6 a lot of the information is applicable to Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Lately I’ve been using it in my quest to learn a second character so that when Tekken Tag Tournament 2 hits, I’ll be ready! You […]

  • App Updated – Marduk’s back!


  • Winners of the Where’s Marduk!? contest

    Congrats to @Leon_Switch, @AZYG4LYFE, and @insomnotek for winning the “Where’s Marduk?!” contest!  Promo codes to download the Level Up Your Game app have been sent out to your twitter accounts! If anyone wants to try it for fun, here’s the original image and the answers image is after the jump.

  • Where’s Marduk!?

    Have you got the Level Up Your Game app for iPhone yet? Well after 2 days out on the market, someone’s realized that Marduk has gone missing! Don’t worry, we’ve found him and already submitted the update to Apple.  The update will be live as soon as Apple can review it (which could be up […]

  • Level Up Your Game App Released!

    Hey guys, this is Rip.  Two announcements in one… 1> Level Up Your Game App is now available in the iTunes App Store for 99c 2> LevelUpYourGame.com now exists! And I’ll be keeping you updated with everything LUYG here as well as additional original content. Data for the app was compiled by MYK.  This is […]