31st Oct2016

Fatal1ty FXM 200 Headset Review

by Rip

Today we take a look at the Fatal1ty FXM 200 Headset by MONSTER. This review has been a long time coming as I’ve been traveling a lot with Wizard World, Tekken Tour, and the Amazon Unboxing event. However, this has allowed me to spend much longer with this headset and you’ve probably seen me using it on most of my Youtube videos and Twitch streams. The long and short of it is – this is a great gaming headset for the price. Great sound quality, good microphone, and extremely light and durable. If you’re looking for a light headset that you can wear for hours to game with, definitely check this out. The only major con I have is that you need a special Y-adapter to use it on PC if you don’t have a compatible USB sound card. Check out the full video review below:

22nd Aug2014

IOGEAR KeyMander Review

by TalonFyre

MSRP: $99.95 USD
Amazon: $64.99 USD as of 8-20-2014
Newegg: $69.99 USD – IOGEAR KeyMander Controller Emulator for use with Game Console (GE1337P)

I guess it started with Halo on the original Xbox.  It came out in November 2001 and by the following year, Xbox/Halo LAN parties were commonplace.  Lots of fun was had in many a college dorms, but I had a conflicted view on it all.  Yes, it was a fun game, but I couldn’t help to wonder how much better everything would be if it was on the PC.  You see, I had honed my skills on a mouse and keyboard for the past 5 years on shooters like Quake 1, 2, 3, Half-Life 2, and Counter-strike and had now found myself playing this first-person shooter at mediocre to “OMG I can’t even walk straight” levels.  The amount of frustration generated by being forced to aim with these terrible, imprecise thumb sticks was immense.  “These guys would be getting rocked so hard if I had a mouse and keyboard” is what I would say… Read on


17th Mar2013

Razer Blackwidow 2013 Mechanical Keyboard Lineup – Unboxing and Comparison

by Rip

I recently couldn’t decide which Razer Blackwidow 2013 Keyboard to pick up. I knew I wanted a mechanical keyboard, but didn’t know if I should go with the Ultimate / Regular or the Stealth / Non-Stealth versions. So I got two, and luckily ended up with the right combination for myself. For those of you that don’t know, mechanical keyboards have a mechanical switch for each key. They activate within 2mm’s (generally) so you don’t have to push the key all the way down for it to register.

15th Jan2013

AverMedia Live Gamer HD – Review and Performance Benchmarks

by Rip

The AverMedia Live Gamer HD is different from other HD capture cards on the market for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it has a built in H264 hardware encoder. Second, it comes with all necessary software to stream your gameplay to TwitchTV. Third, it is a PCI-Express add in card for a desktop computer, not a USB/Thunderbolt solution. When looking at PCI-Express add-in cards for capturing or streaming your gameplay your options narrow down to the BlackMagic Intensity Pro, Hauppauge Colossus, and now the AverMedia Live Gamer HD. The Colossus is great for capturing gameplay, but has many seconds of lag making it inappropriate for streaming. The BlackMagic Intensity Pro is what I’ve been using the past few months and it works well for streaming, but is limited for capturing gameplay as it requires enormous amounts of hard drive space for its uncompressed capture. When streaming PC games the Intensity Pro is of no help to the encoding process as it does not have a hardware encoder, thereby using your already burdened CPU to do the encoding.

From reading the box, the AverMedia Live Gamer HD looks to be the middle ground – good for streaming, better performance when PC gaming, smaller file sizes with good quality when capturing. For people with slower computers that can barely handle streaming, this may be the ideal card for them. I put the card to the test and see if it lives up to the hype. NOTE - the Youtube clip is a summary, so read on through the full review for the full benchmarks

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16th Dec2012

Diamond 1080 HD Game Capture – GC1000 – Review

by Rip

Sharing your gameplay experiences through streaming services such as Twitch.tv or own3d can be a lot of fun. However, it usually requires a high end computer system as well as expensive capture hardware. High end capture cards like the Blackmagic Intensity Pro, or the AverMedia Live Gamer HD, require desktop computers as they require a PCI-Express slot. For laptop users / mobile streamers, options are even more limited, usually to the BlackMagic USB 3.0 Shuttle which can be quite picky about the chipset needed to run correctly. Recently, capture card manufacturers have tried to alleviate this issue by releasing USB 2.0 capture devices that can do 720p as well as have HDMI pass-thru (to work around HDCP protection issues and/or allow you to play on your lagless LCD that doesnt have component input). The Diamond 1080 HD Game Capture is one of these devices that attempts to fill this role. Lets see how it does


03rd Dec2012

eTokki Omni – Korean Stick – Review

by Rip

In the market for a Korean stick? The eTokki Omni is the high end for anyone looking for a korean stick. If you’ve watched me streaming TTT2 the past month you know that I’ve been using this stick a ton. In this review I go over the Omni inside and out as I’m joined by Cynnik to help break down the internals and explain the difference between Japanese/Korean sticks. This is version 3 of the Omni stick, and with it come many new additions, so even if you’ve seen an Omni review before, this review is on the most current version. The initial review went a bit long so I’ve split some sections into their own videos available AFTER THE JUMP:


25th Feb2012

Street Fighter x Tekken FightStick Pro Giveaway & Review

by Rip

Thanks to MadCatz we’re going to be giving away one of the brand new MadCatz Street Fighter x Tekken FightStick Pro’s right here through our website. To enter all you need to do is visit the website and leave a comment on any post between 2/24/2012 and 3/9/2012. Contest ends at midnight PST 3/9/2012. USA & Canada addresses only. One comment/entry per day limit. Be sure to leave your actual email address when leaving the comment or we won’t be able to contact you! Check out our quick review of the stick here:

Also, be sure to catch MYK and myself playing Street Fighter x Tekken on Cross Assault at 1pm PST!