28th Oct2011

Soul Calibur 5 Preview With Daishi Odashima – Live Stream Archive

by Rip

Today Daishi Odashima, director of Soul Calibur 5 was on a live stream showing off the game and going over some of its features. Its a good look at the gameplay, game systems, character selection/stage selection process etc. MOST of it is in Japanese, so good luck understanding it! They do mention that they wanted to do it in English though and may try to do it next time if possible. Still cool to check out though. If you’re interested in some other Soul Calibur 5 info, Kayane put up some videos of her playing the game with Leixia which you can see here.

25th Oct2011

Soul Calibur 5 Arcade Stick By Mad Catz Announced – Launching January 2012

by Rip

Mad Catz announced today that they will be releasing a Soul Calibur 5 Arcade Stick in January 2012. It looks like Mad Catz is putting some interesting new features into the stick as well that will separate it from the standard TE sticks.

Here are some of the highlights from MarkMan over at the SRK Tech Talk thread:

23rd Oct2011

Soul Calibur 5 – Character Walkthroughs – Ezio, Viola, Z.W.E.I

by Rip

FilthieRich is back showing off some Soul Calibur 5 walkthroughs for Ezio, Viola, and Z.W.E.I (Zwei?). Cool to see how the game is developing. If you missed the recent announcements, the game has a release date set of January 31, 2012 on PS3 and Xbox 360. Wanted to pick up ZWEI, but I cant decide how to type out his name so maybe I’ll just stick to Voldo. Check them out after the jump:


21st Oct2011

Soul Calibur 5: Ezio Revealed!

by Omar Diones

Rumor no more!  Ezio gets revealed in Soul Calibur’s newest trailer!

19th Oct2011

Rumor: Ezio Auditore May Be Playable in Soul Calibur 5

by Omar Diones

Its no surprise to see Soul Calibur to have any guest from another game to be playable for each sequel.  This time it may be possible to have our friend from Assassin’s Creed: Ezio Auditore da Firenze, be Soul Calibur 5′s guest character.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have confirmation just yet, and there’s no information about whether Ezio is limited to a certain version of the game, or available to anyone playing it. But one thing is for sure: The Hidden Blade would look pretty nice decked out with Soul Edge finery.” -Joystiq.com

With Ezio’s sweet moves from Assassin’s Creed 2 & Brotherhood, I think Ezio would make a good addition to Soul Calibur, not to mention his attire also makes him fit into the Soul Calibur universe much more than Yoda & Darth Vader.

15th Sep2011

Soul Calibur 5 TGS Trailer – Astaroth / Viola Gameplay

by Rip

Nice long trailer from Tokyo Game Show that shows off a bunch of gameplay from a bunch of the new and returning characters. Best trailer for the game so far.

15th Aug2011

Soul Calibur 5 Trailer Reveals Returning Characters

by Rip

This new trailer from Gamescom gives us a peek at Voldo, Maxi, Tira, and Hilde! If you haven’t been keeping up with Soul Calibur 5, iplaywinner has a good summary of the system information that Odashima has twitter’d.