04th Aug2011

Evolution 2011 – Namco Panel and Q/A

by Rip

This year at Evolution, Namco Bandai had a panel discussing the Tekken and Soul Calibur franchises. The first 10 minutes or so are similar to their Comic-Con panel, however the remainder is a very awesome Q/A session with the fans at Evolution. Lots of topics covered and overall a good listen. Harada opens up and speaks English occasionally as well! Huge thanks to XelNaga of All Things Gaming / UpstateFighting.com for filming this for me.

25th Jul2011

Soul Calibur 5 Preview + Direct Feed Gameplay

by Rip

FilthieRich and Dennis Lee of Namco Bandai Games join Gamespot to show off some of the new gameplay features and characters from Soul Calibur 5. QuickStep looks REALLY large and there looks to be much more meter management in this game. This is the first direct feed gameplay footage I’ve seen and it definitely is WIP.

25th Jul2011

Comic-Con: Namco Fight Club Panel

by Rip

Interested in what Namco has in store for everyone with Naruto, Soul Calibur 5, and all things Tekken? This is their full panel from Comic-Con, broken up by game.

For Soul Calibur and Tekken: (more…)

15th Jul2011

New Soul Calibur 5 Character Revealed

by Omar Diones

G4 just announced Soul Calibur’s newest character to the roster.  As far as we know, we can already tell by her stance that her fighting style will resemble Taki.  Information on whether she will be the replacement for Taki or if she will be a completely new character to Soul Calibur has not been revealed yet.

11th May2011

Soul Calibur 5 Revealed!

by Rip

While in Dubai, Namco Bandai finally released details on Soul Calibur 5. Eurogamer has all the details here and Namco said more will be revealed at E3 (June 6-9). “The game will come out on PS3 and XBOX360 in 2012″-Daishi Odashima

The game, set 17 years after Soulcalibur IV, features guest characters, Project Soul producer Hisaharu Tago told Christian Donlan for Eurogamer. The main character is Patroklos, son of Sophitia. Patroklos is “inspired” by the gameplay of Sophitia, but is “sharper” and “more agile”. He has new moves, but they’re all inspired by Sophitia’s.

V is described as a “generational shift”, complete with new characters, but SCIV characters will return. “SC 1-4 was a continuous story,” Tago said. “We want to make a generational shift with a new story this time.”