05th Oct2011

Bogus Journeys – Episode 4 – The Sauce of Evil!

by Rip

Its time for some MOKUJIN REDEMPTION! Last episode we got our Mokujin owned up pretty good, so we were admittedly a little defeated. But we didn’t just pack our things and go home, we attempt to scratch and claw our way to victory at all costs! Firstly though, I’m going to apologize in advance for this episode. I hope its as painful to watch the first 5 minutes as it was for me to play it. Things start off a bit slow but ramp up to utter BOGUSness. Make sure you tune in to see who gets kicked off the show!

This is the last episode from our first filming session so suggestions you’ve given will show up in the next episode, and suggestions given now will show up in the episode after that! So, comments, go.

04th Oct2011

ATP Podcast – Arcades Are Not Dead

by Rip

Aris and MYK had me as a guest on their latest podcast. In it we discuss some Tekken Tag Tournament 2, arcade vs offline, and the current state of the arcade scene. I haven’t heard Aris this pissed off in awhile… its refreshing haha, check it out.

03rd Oct2011

1up Interview’s Harada Regarding the Six+ Upcoming Tekken titles

by Rip

This is the first article with Harada in awhile that actually has some good new information. For one, Harada talks about how the Tekken Project development team is currently split up. A good chunk of them are doing motion capture on Tekken x Street Fighter, so its safe to say that game is past the 1% mark now. He also talks a bit about the ORIGINAL version of Tekken 4 which was scrapped and their almost collaboration/crossover with a different 3rd party game developer. Very good read, check it out

30th Sep2011

Electric Wind God Fridays Stream – 2011/9/30

by Rip

Stream archive is up! Check it out:

30th Sep2011

Tekken 6 – Just Frame Natural Combos

by Rip

CONTEST CLOSED! Winner will be notified by email! Aside from the typical just frame moves in the game, there are apparently other just frame combos. Kane has just posted a video showing Lili connecting her b+2,1 into backturned 1,2. From his testing it seems that it only works on a limited amount of characters. More interesting to me is that its done by delaying the second hit of b+2,1. The strange part of course is that it doesn’t seem to change the frame data or else it would work on a lot more characters right? He also linked me to a Baek example that shows many strings that are guaranteed when delayed correctly.

So why does this work? Best explanation/response in the comments gets a high five and a free LUYG iPhone app (contest ends October 5th. Approximate grand prize value $0.99!!!):

24th Sep2011

Tekken Force – Season 1 – Grand Finals

by Rip

Updated with archives. The grand finals of Tekken Force – Season 1 is archived! Asim, who hasn’t lost a match in the season is in the tournament and is the obvious favorite to win it all. If you haven’t been following Tekken Force, they provide excellent quality streams and commentary all the way from the UK. Check it out:

Watch live video from TekkenLondon on Justin.tv

23rd Sep2011

Bogus Journeys – Episode 3 – Buttons & Buttons & Buttons!

by Rip

We’re back with another episode of Bogus Journeys! This time TRUE! Takes the stick and we actually get some 5 bar matches in! One of my favorite episodes so far, check it out.