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  • Tekken Force – Round 4

    London’s Tekken scene has finally been getting some exposure thanks to Tekken Force. If you guys haven’t seen this yet, be sure to check out their YouTube channel here. These vids are from their latest event held a few days ago. Great presentation and commentary. For the full playlist of the vids, click here. More […]

  • Norcal Regionals 9 – Tekken 6 Finals

    Glen from GetYourTournament.com was awesome enough to record and upload the Tekken 6 matches from NCR9 last weekend. Since these were not streamed this is the only video we have of it. Check them out in order below with more after the jump.

  • ReveLAtions – Tekken 6 Top 4 and Mortal Kombat 9 – Top 8

    A little late, but the videos are all up now. ReveLAtions was an awesome event. I did okay in both tournaments and made it in both of these (the guys on youtube seem to hate me in Mortal Kombat though). Check the vids out below. Tekken 6 – Top 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pA7P0Ggy8W0 Mortal Kombat 9 – […]

  • Level Up Your Game – Tekken 6 – Bob

    In this episode, MYK covers Tekken 6’s Bob in-depth. The episode weighs in at over 1 hour and 20 minutes so set some time aside! If you haven’t heard, Namco is providing a $5k pot bonus for Tekken 6 at Evolution this year. As Bob is one of the top characters in the game, this […]

  • Namco Supporting Evolution 2011 in Full

    Yesterday I was on Aris’ AvoidingThePuddle podcast where we discussed Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for a bit. In the second half of the podcast though, MrWizard came on and made some huge announcements regarding Namco’s involvement at Evolution this year. They will be bringing Tekken Tag Tournament 2 cabinets, adding $5000 to the pot for […]

  • AvoidingThePuddle’s E3 Interview with Harada and Michael Murray

    Aris from AvoidingThePuddle also had a chance to interview Harada-san and Michael Murray at E3 last week. Aris goes in depth with them over Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s arcade release and why it will not work in American arcades and possibly other regions as well. Check it out below. If you haven’t seen our interview […]

  • LevelUpYourGame E3 Interview with Harada and Michael Murray

    Update: Read on for full transcript At E3 last week I had the opportunity to interview Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray about all things Tekken! Steven from TekkenLive.com sat in and got some awesome questions in as well. Tekken for Wii U, Tekken for 3DS, Tekken Tag 1 HD, Tekken:Blood Vengeance, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 […]

  • ReveLAtions Tekken Tournament – Live Stream

    Update: Finals Today are on the levelup-series stream. Tekken Top 4 at 11am PST (I would assume everything runs behind schedule. Watch live video from Level|Up Live on www.twitchtv.com Full schedule (all times PST): Arcana Hearts 10am-10:45am Tekken 6 11am-11:45am Break BlazBlue CS2 1:15pm-2pm Mortal Kombat 9 2:15pm-3pm Intermission Marvel vs Capcom 3 4pm-5pm SSF4 […]

  • Tekken Hybrid PS3 Exclusive-Tekken:Blood Vengeance 3D and Tekken Tag 1 HD – One Bluray

    Namco had a bunch of announcements for Tekken fans today and one of them was a Playstation 3 exclusive, Tekken Hybrid. This single disc will contain BOTH the Tekken:Blood Vengeance 3D movie as well as an HD upgrade of Tekken Tag Tournament 1. TTT1 HD looks similar to the PS2 version of TTT1, except widescreen […]

  • Tekken:Blood Vengeance 3D – Hitting Theaters for 1 Day Only!

    Looks like Tekken:Blood Vengeance will be hitting theaters in 3D on July 26, 2011 for one day only. Namco Bandai has partnered up with Fathom Events to make this possible. Check out this page on Fathom’s website for more information on which theaters around you will be participating in this special event and when you […]

  • No Tekken Tag 2 Location Test In Your Area? Scenario Campaign to the Rescue!

    Okay, not really, but these guys were pretty darn creative to make these and I enjoyed them (minus the music choice): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju3AHhuNbEg

  • Tekken: Blood Vengeance Teaser Trailer

    My initial reaction: WTFFF is going oooonn!!!! This is too good! Now I just want to know if this is going to be released in theaters or straight to DVD/Bluray or what. We’ll find out Summer 2011 though! Update: IGN is reporting full length CGI movie hitting theaters this summer!

  • Tekken Live TV – Bronson vs Mr Naps FT10

    Kicking off their new YouTube channel TekkenLiveTV, Norcal’s finest present a first to 10 exhibition match between two of the best players in the United States, Bronson Tran and Mr. Naps. If that weren’t interesting enough, instead of commentary, we get to hear Bronson talking throughout the entire set… while he uses Yoshimitsu. Fun stuff, […]

  • GOSU Tekken – May 4, 2011

    New episode of GOSU Tekken with commentary on part 1 by Aris and myself. Yet again we’ve got more Nin vs Knee matches direct from Korea, courtesy of ldMaxi.