20th Jun2011

Harada Confirms: JayCee = J.C = Julia Chang

by Rip

GamerNode had an interesting interview at E3 with the Tekken Project team in which Harada confirmed that JayCee is in fact Julia Chang. Apparently, she is just filling in for a friend who is in the hospital. Julia puts the mask on and does the lucha libre thing. He further noted that if customize JayCee to remove the mask that the name will show up as Julia Chang. He already has confirmed that it will not change the moveset though, so it will just be the name that changes. So anyone hoping to get Julia’s old moveset/properties back, looks like you’re out of luck. (more…)

16th Jun2011

Namco Supporting Evolution 2011 in Full

by Rip

Yesterday I was on Aris’ AvoidingThePuddle podcast where we discussed Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for a bit. In the second half of the podcast though, MrWizard came on and made some huge announcements regarding Namco’s involvement at Evolution this year. They will be bringing Tekken Tag Tournament 2 cabinets, adding $5000 to the pot for Tekken 6, and have an Evo exclusive reveal for Soul Calibur 5. Members of both the Tekken Tag 2 and Soul Calibur 5 development teams will be on hand as well!

15th Jun2011

AvoidingThePuddle’s E3 Interview with Harada and Michael Murray

by Rip

Aris from AvoidingThePuddle also had a chance to interview Harada-san and Michael Murray at E3 last week. Aris goes in depth with them over Tekken Tag Tournament 2′s arcade release and why it will not work in American arcades and possibly other regions as well. Check it out below. If you haven’t seen our interview with Harada, be sure to check out that out here (now with full transcript!)

13th Jun2011

LevelUpYourGame E3 Interview with Harada and Michael Murray

by Rip

Update: Read on for full transcript
At E3 last week I had the opportunity to interview Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray about all things Tekken! Steven from TekkenLive.com sat in and got some awesome questions in as well. Tekken for Wii U, Tekken for 3DS, Tekken Tag 1 HD, Tekken:Blood Vengeance, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 USA arcade release and more are all covered. A HUGE thanks to Harada/Michael Murray for the interview and to FilthieRich for getting the community involved with E3 for once. Sorry for the audio quality, the room had big fan noise and a bunch of general E3 noise. I filtered out as much of the noise as possible.

Read on for the full transcript (more…)

11th Jun2011

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Console Release – Probably 2012

by Rip

This could explain the rumors people have been talking about lately. This JUST in, straight from Harada’s Twitter account

Probably next year. RT @leggendary92 Mr Harada, when the game( Tekken Tag 2) should come out on consoles?

11th Jun2011

Tekken Tag 2 – E3 Day 3 – Gameplay Vids

by Rip

E3 is done and over with, but we recorded almost an hour and a half of more gameplay for you guys (more after the jump below). Players include myself, Aris, Kane, MYK, Suiken, Rickstah, Subt-l, MatrixMatt and more. Also be sure to check out MatrixMatt and SuperArcadeBox YouTube Channels for even more gameplay vids. Stay tuned for the site because we also have an interview with Harada and Michael Murray coming very soon as well!


09th Jun2011

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Mini Level Up Your Game – Law and Dragunov

by Rip

Although Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is still a WORK-IN-PROGRESS, Aris and I got to play it at E3 the past couple of days and share our thoughts on our main characters in these ‘mini Level Up Your Game’ segments. Hope you guys enjoy them: