09th May2011

Bryan/Dragunov and King/Marduk Unique TTT2 Team Throw Screenshots

by Rip

Screenshots from 4Gamer show some cool new unique team throw’s from Bryan/Dragunov and King/Marduk. We also get a look at a new boat stage as well as Yoshimitsu, Panda, and Ling. Check it out at 4Gamer.

07th May2011

New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Location Test Footage!

by Rip

New footage of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, this time straight from the location test going on in Taipei! Nice to see that they updated the character select screen. Definitely not final yet, but its cool to see the improvements. Are they seriously keeping Eddy/Christie Kuma/Panda separate? Is Jun on the character select screen or is she a palette swap for Asuka? If she’s a palette swap, then Eddy/Christie Kuma/Panda should be too right? I hope so!

I like how they keep updating the Tag Assault feature. Seem’s like there are bind tags (bind attack + tag button maybe?) separate from Tag Assault? I assume Tag Assault is the single attack where the blue circles come out (executed by 1+2+Tag according to the cab menu). Hopefully we get a location test sooner or later to figure some of this out or get someone who played it that can explain it to us. Also, looks like space for 18 stages and Lars still looks fat!


29th Apr2011

Harada shows of TTT2 True Ogre IN GAME!

by Rip

Wow, this new test footage from Harada is called “Snake Test” and shows off True Ogre in game and a couple of his moves with his snake arm. REALLY cool stuff.
Check it out here!.

20th Apr2011

New Jun footage from Tekken Tag Tournament 2!

by Rip

Harada’s back on his facebook posting more AWESOME videos from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. This time he gives us over 3 minutes of Jun in game. Looks like they’ve added a lot to the character. We also get a look at more tag combos, wall break, and wall tags. I’ll leave the spoilers for after the jump, but check out the vid here. He also put up a vid of Anna’s new face, which imo is a good improvement!

Interesting things from the video
: (more…)

02nd Apr2011

Harada Posts New Tekken Tag 2 Teaser Clip

by Rip

Harada’s put up a new teaser clip of Tekken Tag Tournament 2! This time around its a short but sweet clip of Alisa and Jack-6 aka “Team Robot” in what looks to be their unique team win pose. Check it out on Harada’s Facebook page by clicking here. Also, incase you missed it, Harada tweeted a few days ago that Tekken Tag Tournament 2′s arcade release is delayed but did not go into any specifics about it.

24th Mar2011

Devil Returns! …with PANTS!

by Rip

Harada has just tweeted a new video of the work in progress version of Kazuya’s transformation to Devil and back. While they’ve changed Kazuya to LOOK like OG devil again, they’re making him keep the pants on! Devil with pants looks so weird haha. Harada has a note with the video basically saying that pants need to stay on otherwise when he transforms back the pants will just magically reappear. Sounds like a tough problem, but man lets face it, he just turned into a DEVIL.. where did his horns/wings come from/go to… his pants can do the same! Click here for the video

23rd Mar2011

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 AOU Trailer – English

by Rip

While not a whole lot we couldn’t figure out from the graphics before, it is kind of nice to hear it in English and have it fully explained. Check it out on Harada’s Facebook page here or check out the Youtube video below:

The only thing that saddens me about this trailer release though is that in the USA it totally does not apply to us. Even worse, for the few arcades that do get it here, will we even be able to use the new card system? At first I thought it would be okay, but after hearing it in English I’m a little more skeptical.