16th Dec2012

Diamond 1080 HD Game Capture – GC1000 – Review

by Rip

Sharing your gameplay experiences through streaming services such as Twitch.tv or own3d can be a lot of fun. However, it usually requires a high end computer system as well as expensive capture hardware. High end capture cards like the Blackmagic Intensity Pro, or the AverMedia Live Gamer HD, require desktop computers as they require a PCI-Express slot. For laptop users / mobile streamers, options are even more limited, usually to the BlackMagic USB 3.0 Shuttle which can be quite picky about the chipset needed to run correctly. Recently, capture card manufacturers have tried to alleviate this issue by releasing USB 2.0 capture devices that can do 720p as well as have HDMI pass-thru (to work around HDCP protection issues and/or allow you to play on your lagless LCD that doesnt have component input). The Diamond 1080 HD Game Capture is one of these devices that attempts to fill this role. Lets see how it does