30th Aug2013

Theater10 – TTT2 TZ Community Project #3 Teaser – Yoshi Infinite + MORE Crazy stuff

by Rip

This has to be one of the sickest TTT2 combo video previews ever. The past TZ Community Project vids have always been filled with awesome combos, but its going to be hard to top these! The WAY BEYOND Death combosBe sure to follow Theater10‘s youtube channel!

27th May2013

TTT2 – Seasons Cycling Combo Vid by GuC and Ortega

by Rip

Wow, this is basically three awesome TTT2 combo videos in one. I think I said ‘wow’ like 3 times in the first minute. Good job to GuC and Ortega for this video. Be sure to check out GuC’s blog here and subscribe to his youtube channel

21st May2013

Injustice – Batgirl Combo Video by Rip

by Rip

Today was the big patch drop for Injustice along with the release of the second DLC character, Batgirl. In addition to the day 1 combo video I made below I also have a play thru of the battles mode with Batgirl as well as her ending. Check them all out after the jump:


30th Apr2013

Man of Steel – Injustice – Superman Combo Vid by Rip

by Rip

My first combo video in 7 years =O – go easy on me. I had no intention of making a Superman combo video, I just wanted to compile some bread and butter combos, but then some combos were too fun to leave out. I took some ideas from Tony-T’s super high damage combos but simplified them or made them more match viable. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe and follow the twitch channel for more Injustice content. I was really creative with the title and decided to call it “Man of Steel: Volume 1″ lol, enjoy:


18th Mar2013

Nina Williams TTT2 Combo Video from Ortega

by Rip

Pretty cool Nina Williams TTT2 combo vid. Uses a lot of known combo exploits towards the end of the video (sandwich combos/tag crash wall break etc).

28th Oct2012

oldKYSG TTT2 Multi-Character Combo Video #2

by Rip

oldKYSG – the original KYSG aka 538 – has uploaded his second multi character combo video for TTT2. I thought he was done making videos but I’m glad he isn’t. While the video isn’t very polished/presented, it does have a lot of really good ideas, especially for walls/balcony breaks. Check it out below and subscribe to him at his channel

29th Sep2012

S.T.L – Tekken Tag 2 – Combo Video 10

by Rip

S.T.L’s latest Tekken Tag 2 combo video. Another good chunk of Kunimitsu stuff in here. Check it out below: