20th Oct2014

Tekken 7- New Customizations Revealed

by Rip

Was the Tekken 7 Arcade Release Date not enough cool news for one day? Well then here are some new direct feed screenshots of Tekken 7 customized outfits for Ling Xiayou, Asuka Kazama, Dragunov, and Leo! I assume they are customizations because they are so unique and I can’t read japanese, but could they be the new default outfits? Someone who reads Japanese, figure it out and let me know! I, for one, am really eager to see what the new default costumes look like. As far as customizations go though, these certainly look to be more detailed than anything we’ve seen from past games in the franchise. Check them all out after the jump:


13th Sep2012

TGS 2012 – Tekken Tag 2 – WiiU Trailer with Nintendo Customizations!

by Rip

WOW, this trailer for Tekken Tag 2 out of TGS is awesome. Mushrooms all over the places, characters getting bigger and smaller, customizations for a BUNCH of your favorite Nintendo characters. Awesome stuff all around. Looks like fun to pick up. Check it out below:

14th May2012

Asuka and Jun Kazama Customizations Coming For Soul Calibur V DLC?

by Rip

Looks like people have taken a look into the DLC compatibility pack for Soul Calibur V and found customizations for Asuka & Jun Kazama! The previous DLC patch added customizations for King and Ling. I wish they’d put more of the movesets in (like they did for Devil Jin) so we could see these characters doing Critical Edges etc. If they release some Law customizations I might have to consider picking up Maxi. Thanks to Baraka from TZ for the headsup. Take a look at the rest of the customizations after the jump (more…)

28th Dec2011

Algol and Edge Master Confirmed For Soul Calibur 5 – Tekken Customizations Included As Well

by Rip

Famitsu has confirmed that Algol and Edge Master will return in Soul Calibur 5. I like how the oldest dude in Soul Calibur makes his return in Soul Calibur 5 where there is a big jump in time. Always cool to see characters return though. I expect there will be a lot of character reveals incoming as we lead up to the release of the game at the end of January.

Separately, they also have shown customizations that allow your character to look like Harada/Heihachi, but also to have DevilJin/Devil Kazuya moves (ewgf, tgf throw, laser throw?). Pretty neat, more pictures after the jump