10th Sep2012

Daily Tutorial Stream for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Starts Tomorrow

by Rip

Starting tomorrow MYK and I will be doing daily streams for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. In the past, we’ve been criticized for doing tutorials for a limited number of the cast of characters. This is simply because the way we cover characters in depth requires a LOT of time and organization. Of course, that method is preferred since we can take the time needed to cover everything in as much depth as needed. For example, our Lei episode for Tekken 6 clocked in at almost 2 hours. Lei has a ton of stances, and stances themselves took over 40 minutes to cover with minimal depth.

In depth tutorials like these, while being extremely beneficial to anyone who uses one of the characters we get to cover, is obviously impractical. Instead, what I’d like to do is shorter tutorials that give just the essentials of a character so that someone can pick them up and get an idea of what they should be using/looking out for. If everything works as planned, then the hope is that we will get to at least have some coverage of every single character in the game. (more…)