31st Jul2012

estars*Seoul 2012 – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Results and Vids

by Rip

The estars*Seoul 2012 Tournament for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has concluded and Knee has come out the victor beating out Holeman in the grand finals. This single elimination tournament brought players from around the world together to compete in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited. NYC Fab was voted in to compete for the USA, but unfortunately the tournament was run on stick (and all the players on the voting list were pad players?!). Hopefully next time estars considers this obvious oversight and makes accommodations for pad players or only puts players who can play on stick in the voting process. Check out more match vids after the jump:


26th Jun2012

e*Stars Seoul 2012 – Vote for Your American/European Tekken Tag 2 Players!

by Rip

Cant have eSports without your eStars! This international Tekken Tag 2 tournament will take place in Seoul, South Korea. Winners of the vote will be sent to South Korea to compete! 1 from USA, 2 from Europe. Super close race between Just Frame James (JAMES) and Anakin right now for the USA spot. The USA player named Pep is actually NYC-Fab (that really can’t be helping his chances right?). I hope JFJ or GM win the USA spot since they haven’t had a chance to compete in Korea yet. Its a great learning experience. USA players = JustFrameJames, Anakin, FightingGM, NYCFab, Kor, Crow. Europe players = Killerdoll, RikiMaru, Malekith, SabreDabre, Zepi, Harry Potter, Devil Kazuya, Bode, Emperor, Sandro, and Wogus. VOTE NOW