09th Feb2013

MASTERCUP – 5v5 TTT2 Tournament – Live From Japan

by Rip

125 5 man teams doing battle in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, live from Japan. Korea has a 5 man team captained by HelpMe as well. Check it out HERE and see the full player list after the jump:


02nd Sep2012

Funny Japanese Commercial for Tekken Tag Tournament 2

by Rip

The first commercial for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has hit the net straight out of Japan. Pretty funny stuff, though its kind of surprising that they didn’t show any of the tag functionality in it. That japanese cover of the game with Heihachi/Paul is pretty awesome too. Only 9 more days until it comes out in the USA, so it shouldn’t be long before commercials for other regions start popping up


29th Apr2012

TTT2 : Unlimited – Tiers and Damages from Arcadia

by Derek Lee

A new issue of Arcadia Magazine was recently released and it gives some info regarding tier lists from a top player standpoint as well as some official damage listings.

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