29th Jan2015

Tekken Crash Archive Available! Tekken 7 Exhibition

by Rip

A couple nights ago we saw Tekken Crash return with an exhibition for Tekken 7. The archive of that event is now up on their youtube channel. Note, that it is the older build of the game, so there is no footage of Lucky Chloe or Shaheen. Its still cool to see some high level play in that build of the game.

27th Oct2013

13 Year Old Takes 3rd Place at TTT2 Global Championship

by Rip

AK from the Philippines just turned 13 years old and took 3rd place at the TTT2 Global Championship! Using one of my personal favorite teams, Law and Paul, he rocked the Tekken world and proved that he had the skill necessary to take out top Korean players. The tournament was one of the most exciting Tekken tournament’s to watch in the past few years and everyone should take a look at it when they have a chance. HUUUUGGGGE shoutout to Markman and Spooky for commentating the event and CafeID for streaming the event! Another huge shoutout to Namco Bandai for putting together and hosting the event for Tekken fans worldwide. Be sure to follow and subscribe to all of these guys and check out the archives:

25th Oct2013


by Rip

Namco’s official TTT2 GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 is going live now from Seoul, South Korea! Markman & Teamspooky will be doing commentary! 20 qualifiers from around the world will be taking part, with USA having just one qualifier – Jimmy J. Tran aka Mr. Naps!

31st May2013

LDMaxi Talks with JDCR – TTT2

by Rip

LDMaxi has been on vacation back in Korea and recently had a long conversation with JDCR. This isn’t a interview per se, but its a cool chat with one of the top Tekken players in the world, JDCR. If you don’t remember LDmaxi, he used to upload the Gosu Tekken videos recorded from Green Arcade a few years ago and sometimes Aris and I used to commentate on them. Check out his cool interview below. Listening to this, I can say that I really miss LDMaxi content and I love that JDCR speaks english so well:

21st May2013

Renikon Interviews TTT2 Legend – JDCR

by Rip

JDCR has been to the USA three times in the past year, and has won every event he has come to, MLG Dallas 2012, Final Round and now ECT. Renikon has an impromptu interview with him during his latest visit. Check it out if you’re interested in hearing one of the world’s best Tekken players opinions on the game.

20th Mar2013

Knee, JDCR Confirmed for Final Round!

by Rip

ShinBlanka has posted up on Facebook to let everyone know that Knee will be joining JDCR at Final Round next week! With Ao also rumored to be in attendance it looks like Namco Bandai’s $5000 pot bonus is bringing out the big guns! Top Tekken players from around the country will also be in attendance, including: Anakin, KOR, AGE Fab, FightingGM, Rickstah and many more! Final Round is March 28-30 and you can get more information about the event directly from their website

25th Jan2013

Ultimate Tournament – Day 1 – MM Results

by Rip

Bronson vs GreenLei – Beer Match – 5-0 Bronson
Bronson vs JDCR – FT3 – 3-2 Bronson
Rip vs NeoNinja – FT5 – 5-1 Rip
Fab vs VZ (El Negro) – FT5 – 5-0 El Negro
Fab vs VZ (Jackson) – FT5 – 5-3 Fab
Fab vs VZ (Jun/Asuka) – FT5 – 5-4 VZ
The stream for the tournament will be live tomorrow. Tournament starts at 2pm France time (5am PST/8am EST) at twitch.tv/tekkenarenafr