04th Oct2014

Tekken 7 – Montage / Highlights of Day 2 Location Test!

by Rip

Didn’t get to watch all five and half hours of the Tekken 7 location test yesterday? Check out this recap with a bunch of the highlights. Tons of Rage Arts, combos, and hype moments from the day. Don’t forget that the last day of the location test will be streamed in about 12 hours and may feature Kazumi since she was the third Banapass card!

27th Oct2013

13 Year Old Takes 3rd Place at TTT2 Global Championship

by Rip

AK from the Philippines just turned 13 years old and took 3rd place at the TTT2 Global Championship! Using one of my personal favorite teams, Law and Paul, he rocked the Tekken world and proved that he had the skill necessary to take out top Korean players. The tournament was one of the most exciting Tekken tournament’s to watch in the past few years and everyone should take a look at it when they have a chance. HUUUUGGGGE shoutout to Markman and Spooky for commentating the event and CafeID for streaming the event! Another huge shoutout to Namco Bandai for putting together and hosting the event for Tekken fans worldwide. Be sure to follow and subscribe to all of these guys and check out the archives:

08th Apr2013

Tekken Tag 2 – Forest Law Hidden Taunt

by Rip

This is an unlisted taunt for Forest Law in Tekken Tag 2. It is performed by 1,1,1,1,1~b on CH (aka LP,LP,LP,LP,LP followed immediately by back). It does not work for Marshall. On hit the move is -17, meaning it is launch punishable. I tried mashing to see if there was a way to cancel it or do anything else from it but there doesn’t seem to be any other options. Perhaps there is a just frame input though. Credit to BattleJitni for the find.

22nd Feb2013

Nilopilo – TTT2 – Stylish Double Law Combo Video

by Rip

When it comes to combo videos I’ve always enjoyed the ones that have seen more time in the editing room. They may not have the best combos and you may not learn the most from them, but they’re fun to watch regardless. This vid comes from Nilopilo (who I’m pretty sure has made some combo videos in previous Tekken games as well) so if you like it be sure to search out his older stuff:

20th Mar2012

Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited – Solo Mode Single Player Runs

by Rip

Here are a couple more videos of Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited I took from the Amusement Expo in Las Vegas last week. As I explained previously, there weren’t many competitive players around, so I ended up playing against the computer a bit. Ran through the game with Paul then Law in solo mode. Check out the matches below, Paul and a bunch of deathfists after the jump:


16th Feb2012

Level Up Your Game – Street Fighter x Tekken – Law / Paul

by Rip

We’re back with another episode of Level Up Your Game! This time around we’re partnered with Capcom to cover some of the Tekken cast in Street Fighter x Tekken and give you an early look at how these characters have made their transition to the Street Fighter universe. First up is Law and Paul so I hope you guys enjoy it! We also have 2 of the Team Tekken shirts to giveaway (XL) so subscribe to our youtube channel and comment on the video or follow us on twitter @LevelUpYourGame and retweet the message at the end of the episode for a chance to win! One winner per week for the next two weeks.

19th Jan2012

SFxT Quick Combos System Revealed + Super/Cross Arts for Law, Paul, Vega, Balrog

by Rip

The official japanese Street Fighter x Tekken website has been updated. Under the system page there is now a section for Quick Combos. Basically you can assign a combo to be executed by LP + HK, however it costs 1 meter of the Cross Gauge to use. It mentions that there is a consequence to using them, however it isn’t clear if that’s the meter usage or if there is something additional. Also, they have revealed the Super and Cross Arts for Law, Paul, Vega, and Balrog. Law has no legend kick or flip kicks in his Super/Cross Art?! Not cool